About the KSA

What is the KSA?

Estabilised in 1989 by members of the kitchen industry, the Kitchen Specialists Association is a non-profit organisation managed by regional committees in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape and overseen by a national committee.

About KSA membership

Who are our members?

The KSA offers various types of membership. Kitchen members (companies that manufacturers and/or installers kitchens), Suppliers (companies that supply materials, equipment and services to the kitchen industry); and Stone & Surface Fabricators (companies that professionally process, fabricate stone and install stone surfaces.

Kitchen members are required to offer a minimum of one-year guarantee on their product and installation excluding natural wear-and-tear or abuse. They must have a showroom where the quality of their workmanship can be viewed and can act as a benchmark in the event of a dispute.

Supplier members support the kitchen industry by supplying a wide range of goods and services. By ensuring your selected kitchen company uses KSA-affiliate members for their supplies you extend the protection the KSA can afford you.

Stone & surface fabricating members are required to operate from a professionally equipped factory with the necessary tools for expert processing of stone. They must also be registered with the Building Industry Barganing council if one exists in their area.


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