KSA information, documents and forms for download:

KSA information sheet (342KB)

The objective of this document is to give you valuable information about the Kitchen Specialists Association (KSA) and how it can help you make well-informed and safe choices when looking to purchase a new kitchen.

KSA code of ethics (91KB)

All KSA members agree to abide by a code of ethics that governs the way they run their businesses, interact with the industry, and treat their clients and staff.

Member application form (471KB)

Apply for regional or national membership to the Kitchen Specialists Association (KSA) as an ordinary or affiliate member.

Holding account info sheet (101KB)

Information on how the KSA holding account operates.
For more information on the holding account, see the KSA holding account

Holding account deposit and release forms (158KB)

The holding account deposit form allows you to deposit funds into the KSA holding account deposit and the holding account release forms should be used to sign off release of finds from the KSA holding account.

Dispute and mediation guidelines (84KB)

How to register a dispute against a KSA member.
For more information, see the complaints procedure

Dispute registration form (158KB)

Use this form to register a dispute between yourself and a KSA member. Please complete this form and submit to your regional KSA office with the relevant accompanying documentation.

Standard Trading Terms and Conditions (86KB)

Members, this is the KSA standard contract recommended to members.

KSA Care and Maintenance Document (128KB)

A guideline on how to care for your new kichen.

KSA Benefit Statement (2.5MB)

Why be a KSA member? What does the KSA do in a day and how does that directly benefit you?.


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Member handbook
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