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Bookings open for the 2018 KSA Consumer Guide

Bookings open for the 2018 KSA Consumer Guide

It is that time of year again; time to begin work on the 2018 edition of the KSA’s Consumer Guide and Member Brochure.

This booklet has proven to be a superb vehicle to a targeted audience of consumers looking expressly to engage with the kitchen industry. It has also made great inroads in promoting the KSA and its members among industry professionals.

Space will once again be sold on a first come first serve basis. This is particularly relevant to members wanting the prime advertising spots (inside front cover, half page on inside front page (under the index), back cover and inside back cover and centre double page spread. As per previous editions the usual advertising opportunities of double, full, half and quarter page will be available as well as the opportunity to expand you general listing in the back of the book to an expanded listing.

We have done our utmost to keep increases to the bare minimum. In 2016 there was no cost increase with the KSA absorbing a 10% cost increase. Once again we are facing another 10% cost increase. However, we have only increased the cost to you by 2.5% with the KSA absorbing the balance of the increase. The brochure will be distributed at Decorex nationally and members will have the option to display and distribute them in their showrooms. E-copies will be sent to a database of consumer journalists and industry professionals (architects and interior designers). We will have a print run of approximately 15 000 this year.

The 2018 edition will once again contain relevant and informative articles that will assist in educating the consumer on how the kitchen industry works and how best to engage with it. Remember that ALL members are required to complete the forms to confirm their free members listing and should we not receive your forms we will not be held responsible for any errors in the contact details printed.

If you have not received your booking forms please contact your local KSA office. Don’t miss out - now more than ever is the time to promote your membership. Please contact with any booking queries.