Archive of: March, 2023

17 March 2023

KSA advisory notice re stone installations

The KSA recently issued this advisory notice to its members regarding stone installations and the possibility of losing the stone’s warranty

06 March 2023

False claims of KSA registration - MountaIn Designer Kitchens

Claims made by this company of registration with the KSA are false

01 March 2023

Online stone and surfacing seminar for designers

KSA and Cosentino would like to invite all designers to an online seminar designed expressly for you to recap all you need to know about stone surfacing, the materials, their fabrication and installation, how to optimise them in design, how to sell them, their care and maintenance and how to avoid client issues relating to stone surfacing.

01 March 2023

Join us at the KSA CT industry showcase

Calling the kitchen industry, architects, interior designers, developers, and builders…. We have the pleasure of inviting you to join us at our Cape Town industry showcase.