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Bookings open for the KSA 2016 brochure

Bookings open for the KSA 2016 brochure

It is that time of year again; time to begin work on the 2016 edition of the KSA’s Consumer Guide and Member Brochure.

We will continue with the member listing at the back of the brochure as introduced in 2014 and will once again produce the booklet in both print and electronic format. The introduction of the electronic version has made the publication more accessible to industry professionals and usable for members as a link to the guide can now be emailed to clients, or alternativley it can loaded onto members websites as a clickable and browsable resource.

Space will once again be sold on a first come first serve basis. This is particularly relevant to members wanting the prime advertising spots (inside front cover, half page on inside front page (under the index), back cover and inside back cover and centre double page spread. As per previous editions the usual advertising opportunities of double, full, half and quarter page will be available as well as the opportunity to upgrade you general listing in the back of the book to an expanded listing.

The brochure will once again be distributed at shows nationally and members will of course have the option to display and distribute them in their showrooms. A digital version will be sent to a database of consumer journalists and industry professionals (architects and interior designers). We will have a print run of approximately 15 000 this year.

You can look forward to seeing articles like: “What should my kitchen budget be”, “10 things you didn’t know about having stone in your kitchen’’, “What to sink about”, “Let’s talk contracts”, “How does your location affect what kitchen finish you choose”, “When is it the right time to embark on a kitchen renovation”, and more.

To book an Advert or Expanded Listing AND to take advantage of your Free Member Listing, please complete in full, the supplied booking form and return it to Stephanie at

< 2016 KSA Consumer Guide & Member Brochure - Booking Form.doc >

Please also complete the supplied data capture form: < 2016 KSA Consumer Guide & Member Brochure - Listing Advert - Data Capture Form.doc >

And read carefully the document: < 2016 KSA Consumer Guide & Member Brochure - Terms & Conditions.pdf >

ALL pre-designed advertising material booked, must be submitted before 27 October 2015, as press-optomised pdf files

We encourage all members to showcase themselves in the 2016 brochure and look forward to the consistent support we have received for the Guide over the past years.