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Get to know the KSA team - Magan Ann Craft

Get to know the KSA team - Magan Ann Craft

Get to know the KSA team:

Megan Craft is our regional representative for Gauteng. She joined the association in May 2016. As a qualified attorney she brings a valuable skill set to the KSA team.

She has lived in Johannesburg all her life. Her favourite dish is a fillet steak with mushroom sauce and her favourite thing to do on a weekend is to enjoy a glass of bubbles and a braai with her family.

As an Association Megan believes we are in the relationship business. What she enjoys more about her job is the relationships she has with her members and how diverse they all are.

Megan believes the KSA is important as it allows like-minded and principled businesses to be part of an identifiable group who all have one goal which is to see the industry prosper. The KSA encourages this through a Code of Conduct; networking events and training. In recent times we have become familiar with the phrase #strongertogether and to her this sums up the value of the KSA to the industry.

If you are based in Gauteng and wish to know more about the KSA or would like advice and guidance please contact Megan on