Why KSA?


Why use a KSA member to install your new kitchen?

KSA membership is not easily awarded. Applying member's references are thoroughly checked, they need to meet certain minimum standards as well as be in good standing within the industry.

  • The kitchen applicant must have a showroom.
  • The applicant must have been trading for a minimum of three years. For companies registered in South Africa early acceptance can be applied for after two years but only if the application has three letters of recommendation for current KSA supplier members is good standing.
  • The applicant must be registered in terms of South African law. For international members, they must be registered in terms of the legal requirements of their country.
  • The applicant must be registered for VAT, or in the case of international applicants – the appropriate tax requirements of their country.

Kitchen and fabricator members are eligible for an annual service award should they complete the year without a complaint being registered against them. They can also be acknowledged for going through a five-year cycle with not disputes. Supplier members can also be acknowledged annually for offering exceptional service and product to the industry. These awards are highly prized, and members take pride in showing that they have been dispute free.

By using a KSA member you are affording yourself extra security. Members have had their credentials vetted and are seen to be in good standing. Should you make use of the services of a KSA member and not be entirely satisfied with their workmanship you have recourse through the Association. The KSA will entertain and investigate any legitimate complaint within the guarantee period or the product or work. Every effort will be made to resolve the issue in a manner equitable to both parties. In the case of international members, the KSA undertakes to assist virtually to guide both the company and the consumer to finding a resolution and a equitable solution to the dispute. The KSA staff are trained mediators, registered with the South African board of mediators.

Should you be nervous about handing over funds to a KSA member or should a dispute arise the KSA has a holding account where funds can be deposited on agreement with the kitchen company at no cost to the consumer.


The KSA holding account

The KSA holding account provides security to both consumers and members alike.

This account offers a safe place for disputed funds, deposits and other payments and can be utilised, at no cost to the consumer, at any time on mutual agreement with the kitchen company. The account is administered totally separate from the KSA’s operational accounts and funds can only be released with completion of the required paperwork by the client. The account is protected by a variety of administrative checks and balances as well as directors and liability insurance.

More information on the KSA holding account


Why should your company be a KSA member?

Membership of the KSA sets you apart from your competitors.

Consumers recognise membership of the Kitchen Specialists Association as the only hallmark of professionalism, craftsmanship and fair dealing within the kitchen industry. When making a decision between two companies – if one is a KSA member – the consumer will take into account that this offers them a safety net that checks have been done and recourse in the event of a dispute when making their final decision. KSA membership is also voluntary – this means you, as a company, have made the choice to be held accountable by the KSA and be held to our code of ethics and code of conduct. You have also ensured your customers are protected via free access to support and recourse should you make a mistake or there be a breakdown in communications between the parties.

Membership also offers a wide range of other advantages:

  • Free online training and seminars for you and your team
  • Updates and advice from the KSA on changes in legislation or the impact of issues facing our industry
  • Opportunities to network with the greater industry and industry professionals at events
  • Opportunities to showcase your company and product on various social media and online platforms as well as in our annual KSA Consumer Guide
  • Assistance and guidance with difficult clients
  • Assistance and guidance should there be a conflict with another member
  • In showroom resources to market your membership and instil consumer confidence
  • Representation of the kitchen industry to government through the KSA’s relationship with SAFI (South African Furniture Initiative) giving you a platform for issues like poor skillset resources in the industry, import and export issues
  • An active voice in the industry and a platform to collaborate with fellow industry players to ensure the stability of the industry
  • Links to other prominent industry bodies that represent students, architects, interior designers and other industry professionals through the KSA’s relationship with the IID, SACAP, GIFA and others
  • A sounding board in the form of the KSA team who are all trained mediators and who have extensive industry knowledge to guide you through challenging times.

What makes a kitchen specialist?

  • Ability to turn the client's dream of a new kitchen into reality.
  • Ability to interpret the client's needs.
  • Skill and specialist knowledge.
  • Make correct choices - furniture, appliances, tiling, flooring, ceiling, work surfaces, sinks, taps, lighting.
  • Design/organisational skills.
  • Skilled manufacturing process.
  • Project management and more...

KSA members represent all sectors of the market from cost effective DIY to high-end bespoke made and fully imported goods. Being a KSA member does not mean that the companies are all the same and service the same sectors. What it does mean is that the companies all stand for credibility and accountability.

As there are no regulated industry standards in South Africa each kitchen member is held to deliver to you the same quality as you viewed in their showrooms. This will also be aligned to industry norms seen for work in that specific price bracket.

A KSA kitchen specialist is someone who delivers to their client a kitchen of comparable quality to that in their showroom, that meets acceptable industry norms and complies with what has been signed off in the quotation and accompanying drawings. All this while working within the KSA code of ethics and conduct.


How to become a KSA member

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