The complaints procedure

What happens when a dispute occurs between you and one of our members?

In the unfortunate event of a dispute arising between yourself and a KSA member the incident can be reported to us by filling in our dispute registration form. The completed form along with a copy of the quotation, drawings and any relevant communication between yourself and the KSA member should be submitted to your regional KSA office.


The KSA will report your complaint to the company concerned and give them 48hrs to respond in writing. Should we not be able to resolve the dispute telephonically, a site inspection will be organised. The client and representatives from the KSA member (the owner/manager and the sales representative) should be present at the site inspection. The KSA will not conduct a site inspection if attorneys have become involved. Please note that before a site inspection is arranged any outstanding funds should be deposited into the KSA holding account. The KSA may invite industry experts who may contribute to a successful inspection to join the inspection. The KSA will also appoint a primary inspector to run the inspection. This is usually a representative of the regional KSA executive Committee.

In the event of a dispute with an international or country member the KSA’s active involvement and assistance will be conducted remotely. The KSA undertakes to do all they can to assist, guide and advise both the member and the consumer based on the standards and expectations deemed acceptable in South Africa and by the South African Consumer Protection Act. As an association we are not familiar with the legal systems in other African countries so by allowing the KSA to assist and guide you internationally you are accepting that this help will be based on South African law and standards..

After the site inspection the KSA will generate a report which will state the nature of the issues at hand, any problems detected and the work still to be done as well as giving dates by which the work should be completed. Please note that the KSA member will only be expected to work to these deadlines if they are given proper access to the premises and are not hindered in their completion of the work by other contractors.

Should the member fail to complete the work to the KSA’s specifications by the due date without good reason they will risk suspension and possible expulsion from the Association.

The KSA undertakes to assist in any legitimate complaint that falls within the installations and guarantee period. All KSA members have agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct and abide by any ruling handed down by the KSA.

The full terms and conditions of our site inspection process are available on the Dispute registration form which can be downloaded on our Downloads page here.


Submitting a complaint

  • 1.
  • Download the dispute registration form.
  • 2.
  • Complete the form in detail using black ink.
  • 3.
  • Compile the following documents:
    • Your quotation from the member
    • All drawings pertaining to the job
    • Any relevant communications between you and the member relevant to the complaint
  • 4.
  • Fax/email the completed dispute registration form and required documentation to your regional KSA office.
  • 5.
  • Your regional KSA office will then contact you to take the complaint further.