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Caesarstone Introduces New ‘Supernatural’ Designs

14th May 2013

Caesarstone Introduces New ‘Supernatural’ Designs

Caesarstone once again holds court as they launch the exciting new additions to their Classico collection, offering new and gorgeous surface options perfect for contemporary design paradigms as well as more traditional tastes.

The Supernatural designs offer five, mesmerising, marble-like colours that will serve up the ‘best of both worlds’ – the classic appeal of marble with all of the desirable properties of Caesarstone. “The beauty of marble, the benefits of Caesarstone” is the quartz surfaces manufacturer’s tagline for 2013’s advertising campaign and encompasses the unique appeal of this year’s sensational product offerings.

Although classic and ethereal, marble is a soft and porous, natural stone, leaving it vulnerable to cracks, chips, stains and regular maintenance. Caesarstone is chip, stain and heat resistant and comes with an invaluable lifetime warranty, making it an attractive, sophisticated alternative to the classic natural stone used in home and commercial spaces.

The range was recently shown at Decorex Cape Town. The hot talking point was the use of the stone in a hand painted country kitchen. The stone had been traditionally bevelled showing that engineered stone, often seen as only suitable to the contemporary kitchen, can now move eaily into the more traditional design styles.

The Supernatural designs became available nationally on 1 April 2013 at International Slab Sales branches, nationwide.
5380 Emperadoro: Emperadoro is a rich fusion of lush, dark browns and maple-coloured veins, perfect for infusing your décor with an aura of enchantment.

5000 London Grey: Accentuate the sophisticated charm and exclusive look of your décor with London Grey’s light, silvery tones and cool charcoal lines.

5220 Dreamy Marfil: Dreamy Marfil is a delicate blend of creamy beige and gentle brown veins that evokes a sense of calm and relaxation within any interior design.

5003 Piatra Grey: Piatra Grey’s smooth slate tones and chalky-white veins exude an organic beauty that effortlessly complements any interior.

5141 Frosty Carrina: Frosty Carrina’s soft, ivory white is complemented with powdery-grey veins, bringing a fresh, natural look to your interiors.


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