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What is NEOLITH .... Lize Sparks explains
What is NEOLITH .... Lize Sparks explains

22nd May 2013

What is NEOLITH .... Lize Sparks explains

ISS recently launched NEOLITH to the South African kitchen industry. Lize Sparks, NEOLITH’s senior product consultant, gives us the low down on this newest addittion to the ISS range of products.

What is NEOLITH and when did it arrive in South Africa?

NEOLITH is a full-bodied porcelain, but it’s so much more than just a normal porcelain tile. We classify it as a technical porcelain, because of the fact that it’s been engineered and produced in an unusual slab format. We launched NEOLITH in Cape Town in October 2012 and in Jo’burg and Durban in March 2013.

What can you use NEOLITH for?

As the slogan says, it can literally be used everywhere. It’s ideal for interiors and exteriors. What makes NEOLITH different to a normal porcelain tile is the fact that it is full-bodied and engineered into a large slab format. NEOLITH is perfect for home interior use such as kitchen countertops, flooring, wall and door cladding, as well as bathroom surfaces or even fireplaces. In terms of commercial and outdoor uses, NEOLITH is ideal for shopfitting designs, exterior building cladding, braai areas, paving and swimming pools because of its hardwearing properties. Large corporate orders enable us to offer the customer the option of matching slab colour to corporate colours.

Why would someone choose NEOLITH over another surface material?

NEOLITH is UV stable, so the colour will never fade – this is important when you’re designing commercial buildings in particular. It’s very easy to maintain – you can use almost any household chemicals on the surface. Because NEOLITH is non-porous it won’t pick up stains and it’s scratch resistant, also able to handle very high temperatures.

What does it look like?

NEOLITH has an attractive satin-matte finish, and earthy, natural tones. Designs that incorporate the holistic use of NEOLITH can create a very streamlined, contemporary look, which is very popular with consumers.

How can I get NEOLITH in my house and office space?

When you have your design in place, you need to contact a professional who can process the material according to your requirements. As International Slab Sales (Pty) Ltd is the wholesale distributor locally, you won’t be able to buy directly from them. They will be able to supply you with some options should you need referral to a fabricator or installer.


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