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28th October 2013


Surinno are very excited to introduce to you our brand new website.

The purpose behind the new site is two-fold.
1. To display our product range, colours and give detailed information
2. To display our Installer’s show-pieces and offer them the opportunity to display their offering and provide potential clients their details. In essence we are offering them a ‘web-presence’ to market their company

The website is built using the very latest programming. It is fast and easy to navigate and highly ‘visual’.
It uses ‘responsive design’ which means it will resize automatically to tablets and smart phone sizes

The website has been added to all the main search engines, and uses very advanced ‘search engine optimisation’. This means that it will show up quickly when people search online for Surinno-related products.

We have added a ‘Installers’ & ‘Retailer’ search tool that quickly finds the installer’s address and telephone details as well as an individualised ‘Google map’ with directions. All you need to do is type in a Province (State) or central town like Cape Town or Johannesburg, or street, and a list of the Installers or Retailers show up.

We have also added a ‘Subscription’ link, whereby you can enter your details and we will keep you posted on latest developments, product updates and showpieces.

If you are a Surinno Installer or Retailer, please send us your company details and good quality images in JPEG format and we will create your own company-specific page with your own gallery which you can use for your business’ promotional purposes.

We also have a ‘Latest News’ page which will be updated from time to time with relevant news on our company and the Surinno range of products.

We would love to get some feedback from you so please send us an email, or use the contact form on the new Surinno website.

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Jolene Conradie

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