News Article

20th May 2014

Donate your unused materials to a World Design Capital project

KSA members in CT have an opportunity to assist a World Design Capital 2014 project called the British Council Maker Library. This project makes interactive think and work spaces where people can read and create. The project which is being curated by Heath Nash and is situated at The Bank in Harrington St CT is engaging with underprivileged students and needs materials for their interactive programmes. We are appealing to you to donate your unused materials to this project whether it be material off cuts, old stock or old samples of edging, paint, hardware or doors. The library will be able to make use of all these in a variety of ways to sustain their program.

If you are interested please contact and we will put you in contact with Heath. Your donation can be deliver to him at the Maker Library on arrangement so he can expect you.

We really hope the industry can rally to support this project and make good use of your reject and unwanted offcuts and samples.