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GRAND DESIGNS LIVE - KSA post show information

2nd June 2014

GRAND DESIGNS LIVE - KSA post show information

It is soul feeding when you receive an above normal number of comments and enquiries at any show. It is proof that the hard work the KSA has been putting into public awareness is paying off. Many members of the public came to find the KSA stand looking for the annual Consumer Guide, some even mentioned hearing the interview with Alecia and ….. on Kaya FM in 2013. It is clear that consumers are more aware of the KSA than ever before.

Grand Designs Live, which took place this past weekend, had a lot to offer. The Kitchen & Bathroom area was filled with fabulous designer stands all manned by enthusiastic representatives. Certain things made great impression:
• Totem Kitchen’s play on colours
• Easylife Kitchen’s two option stand appealed to the country & modern consumer
• The new Eclipse Legrabox drawer runners
• The Whirlpool induction range as well as a stove with TV, the tool to convert any cookware to work on induction and as an induction oven
• Smeg’modern art – A bar fridge made from the bonnet of a Fiat

The following KSA members exhibited at the show:
• Designer Kitchens PTA
• Dezign-a-Door
• Easylife Kitchens
• Eclipse Furniture Fittings
• Eurofit Kitchens
• International Slab Sales: Caesar Stone / Neolith
• Larson Industries: Hettich & Blanco brands
• Niemann SA
• Smeg
• Totem Kitchen
• Whirlpool

The show also showcased KSA industry partners Absa 1 Call and Home Inspirations who assisted with stand judging. KSA Grand Design stand awards were given to Eurofit Kitchens and Dezign-a-Door. Judges were asked to assess the following criteria when judging the stands:

1. does the exhibit satisfy the basic pre-requisite of brand identification, ie is the branding clearly visible from all available approaches?
2. can the visitor move freely and logically through the exhibit architecture enabling them to fully ‘engage’ with the brand?
3. is it immediately clear what the exhibitor is selling?
4. does the design leave an indelible impression at every touch-point?
5. has the designer successfully leveraged the intrinsic power of colour in a focused, refined and strategic manner?
6. has the designer exploited lighting successfully in the creation of a memorable experience for their client?
7. have they sought to explore new and interesting materials or possibly determined to use traditional materials in a more imaginative and interesting way?
8. is the stand ’fit for purpose’?
9. are the representatives knowledgeable
10. do the representatives mention the KSA at all?
11. does the stand have an X factor

Feedback from the judges was that they would encourage all the stands to use more lighting. Not only does this make the stand warmer and more inviting but it assists in illuminating the product better.

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