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Roco bids farewell to John Koller and Rob Liddell

12th June 2014

Roco bids farewell to John Koller and Rob Liddell

It is always sad to say goodbye to colleagues and friends. It is even more sad when those colleagues and friends are your leaders.

Roco Fittings bid farewell to two incredible leaders in John Koller and Rob Liddell. Both men were responsible for the creation and growth of the Roco brand into the company it is today. John and Rob are both very well known and respected and losing people of their calibre will leave a massive void in the industry.

John Koller will be entering retirement and Rob Liddell has decided to venture into new waters. We wish them both luck in their future endeavours.

The real meanings of motivation and inspiration, along with other words like commitment and determination, cannot be learnt in books. They can only be learnt by working under a tough boss who keeps pushing you to try harder. The team at Roco have all benefited from the knowledge and wisdom imparted by these two gentlemen over the years and we all realise that this influence is invaluable.

We will continue to strive to give the very best service and care to our customers, as we have done for the past 23 years under the leadership of these great ambassadors.

The Roco Team