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KSA CT has a super last product evening for 2014

23rd October 2014

KSA CT has a super last product evening for 2014

KSA CT held their last product evening for 2014 on Tuesday evening. Our hosts were Electrical Industries, Caesarstone and Granite Projects. This was the first time both Electrical Industries and Granite Projects have hosted a product evening so the guests were very enthusiastic to hear about their products.

The evening started out with Stephanie reminding KSA members about the 2015 KSA brochure and to look out for the invitation to the upcoming KSA CT year-end action cricket evening. She also reminded guests that Jamie-Lee from Estate Living was at the event and encouraged them to see the editions of the publications she had brought with her, all of which showcase articles by the KSA. Sue from Decorex was also in attendance and Stephanie reminded guests about the extra early bird discount members could get on top of their special KSA floor space discount.

Caesarstone were first to present with Nola reminding guests of their new range as well as their student design and kitchen designers competitions.

Bernie from Electrical Industries followed and showcased both their range of stunning domestic appliances and their extensive range of industrial appliance. She then handed over to their special guest and new supplier Andre Muntingh from Ultimate Water.

Granite Projects brought the presentations to a close with his very informative revue of stone fabrication. Shawn covered some very important facts about selling stone as a surfacing option.

The stunning food was topped of by Electrical Industries' super coffee which they supplied to showcase their new range of coffee machines and as an extra treat soft serve was offered from one of their industrial ice-cream machines.