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Franke launches their 'Make it Wonderful' campaign

14th April 2015

Franke launches their 'Make it Wonderful' campaign

Wonderful makes a house into a home and turns work into play. It’s the antidote to all things ordinary. Wonderful captivates, inspires and excites and never ceases to amaze. Wonderful is what drives us…

The ‘Make it Wonderful’ slogan essentially refers to the founding principle of the Franke brand. By ‘wonderful’, we’re talking about that magical element that turns the everyday into the extraordinary, and in the kitchen, that special ingredient that turns work into play, a house into a home.

Franke Kitchen Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel sinks worldwide – with over 100 years of experience! Using precision Swiss engineering, our sinks our manufactured with Austenitic Stainless Steel which ensures the finest quality and durability. More than 90% of our products are locally manufactured and produced in South Africa.

When designing a kitchen it has become more important to ensure that space limitations do not limit the possibilities of design and functionality. Kitchens are no longer just a food preparation area or scullery, they are a place where families and friends socially interact with one another, the heart of the home! Franke boasts a comprehensive range of beautiful, stylish sinks, sleek and functional mixers, accessories and waste management products so suit any kitchen layout inspiring creativity and design. Our products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional too!

At Franke, we want to make your kitchen a more wonderful place.
We want to make everything we do wonderful - from what we manufacture and design, to the way we deal with our partners, customers and each other.
A place where laughter is louder, smiles run deeper, and life is lived fuller. How?
By designing products that ask for less, yet give you more in return. With smarter features, genuine innovation, and an unshakable love of beautiful design.

That’s how Franke “MAKE IT WONDERFUL”…

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