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Homemakers Expo CT attracts record number of visitors
Homemakers Expo CT attracts record number of visitors

29th August 2012

Homemakers Expo CT attracts record number of visitors

The 2012 Cape Homemakers Expo, recently held at the CTICC, attracted 38 376 visitors over the four days – remaining on the upward trend since 2010.
Saturday attracted more than 13 000 visitors – numbers like these in a single day were last seen in 2003!

Feedback from exhibitors was outstanding – most reporting record sales and business leads that will keep them busy for months to come.
The quality of the exhibits were of an extremely high standard as was noticed by the close scores of the winnings stands with one point difference between the first six gold winners.

Special thanks must go to the KSA members for supporting the show and for all the effort they put into their stands.KSA stand award winners were:
• SMEG – Silver
• Lansdowne Boards – Silver
• Whirlpool – Silver
• Joos Joiners – Gold and Homemakers & KSA overall winner
• Easylife Kitchens - Gold

The KSA and KDMax once again joined forces for their 'Design a kitchen' competition which was open to design students this time. Some of the entries were of a very high standard and the competition should hopefully encourage some of these talented students to seek employment in the kitchen industry.

Homemakers Expo 2013 will take place from 29 August – 1 September.


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