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Sustainability -Bringing the best of Europe to Kramerville.

Sustainability -Bringing the best of Europe to Kramerville.

Sharing sundowners with KSA supplier members Gaggenau, Hansgrohe and Cosentino in the heart of Sandton’s Kramerville design district. Hosting a late afternoon product event and highlighting their high-end luxury products. The event focused on brining the best of Europe to Kramerville, and presentations on these brand’s commitment and active efforts towards sustainability.

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All three suppliers educated and enlightened guest on their sustainable product ranges and manufacturing methods. They are committed to minimizing their environmental impact through production and functionality of their appliances, fixtures, and worktops.

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Kitchen manufacturers, industry professionals and other KSA suppliers were treated to canapes and drinks along with a lucky draw which awarded one lucky guest with a lavish dining experience for two from the Gaggenau professional chef.

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Thank you to all our guests who attended - and thank you to our hosts for the delicious food and sundowners and sharing your beautiful products!