WHAT’S HOT in the Kitchen


A top hanging folding sliding door system, and a space-saving marvel that enhances interior design with its sleek functionality. This cutting-edge sliding foldable door system optimises space while adding a touch of elegance. Let's explore the M05's key features and technical excellence.

Space-Saving Brilliance: The M05's unique sliding foldable design creates extra room and seamless flow between spaces where limited space for cabinet access is required. Ideal for compact areas, it maximises your living space without compromising style.

Versatile Application: Enhance your wardrobe, create cosy alcoves, or conceal cabinets and sculleries with the M05's adaptable design. Its sleek aesthetics complement any interior concept and can accommodate either 2 door or 4 door applications (2 on each side of the opening)

Effortless Functionality: Experience smooth sliding and easy folding with the M05's precision engineering. Its robust construction ensures durability and quiet operation.


Technical Excellence:

  • Recommended door size: 2600mm x 600mm
  • Door thickness: 16-22mm
  • Maximum panel Weight: 45kg
  • Application: aluminium framed glass doors or wood doors
  • Vogue Doors frame colours: Black or anodised aluminium
  • Glass options: Clear glass, grey or bronze tinted mirror or glass, back painted glass, sandblast film glass, reeded/fluted glass

In Conclusion: Elevate your living spaces with the Vogue Doors M05 sliding foldable door system. Embrace space-saving brilliance and sophistication, enhancing your home with functional elegance.

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