WHAT’S HOT in the Kitchen


The new W9 collection features a luxurious black glass design while offering consumers a wide range of flexible installation options. With cutting-edge technology, Whirlpool has found the balance between design and performance. It does the thinking for you, allowing you to focus on what matter.

The BakeSense feature boasts smart sensors for ensuring that the user's baked goods are baked perfectly every time. The BakeSense intelligent sensors monitor the humidity level and adjust the oven settings accordingly.

The Cook4 capability allows users to prepare four separate dishes without having the flavours mix. A powerful heating element combined with an evenly impressive airflow distribution system work in tandem to produce remarkable amounts of food quickly and easily, all while using less energy.

The W9 appliances boast 6th Sense Technology, a set of intelligent sensors that assist in cooking. Allowing users to simply pick the recipes and let 6th Sense cook them to perfection. The W9, sporting an intuitive Smart Touch Display compatible with the 6TH SENSE Live App, accesses a multitude of recipe ideas and programs your menu in advance, suitable for any smart home.

An exquisite built-in coffee machine that can make the perfect Cappuccino or Latte and can be paired with a warmer drawer to keep your coffee cups warm.

To complete your kitchen, we have a beautiful 4 door stylish fridge freezer and top of the range dishwasher. If style and ease of use is what you are after, look no further than Whirlpool’s latest W Collection range.